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Elections Ontario- Register of Voters

Beginning January 2024, Elections Ontario launched Register to Vote, a new online registration tool for municipal and provincial elections in Ontario. Click the Register Today button to visit the Elections Ontario Register to Vote portal.

"With, we're making it easier and more convenient for Ontarians to sign up to vote in local and provincial elections. We're thrilled to be working with our local partners by providing them with the most up-to-date voters lists to support their elections."  

-Greg Essensa, Chief Electoral Officer of Ontario 

MPAC will remain responsible for collecting information related to school support. To update your school support information visit MAPC's Online School Support tool:

Why Voting Matters

Voting is one way for citizens to participate in the political process and how future leaders and representatives are chosen. When you take part in an election and express your view, you make democracy work and help shape your community.

Through voting the community has their say in the future direction of the Town of Bracebridge, including services that directly affect the people of Bracebridge, such as transit, parks, recreation programs, animal control, by-law services, and more.

School Board Trustees are elected to make decisions on budgets and facilities in your school system. To change your school support designation.

Discover the requirements to be an eligible voter in the upcoming Eunicipal election.

Use our interactive tool to find your Ward and determine which candidates you can vote for.

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