Certified Candidates

Certified Candidates

Information for Candidates in the municipal election is posted here as their candidacy is certified.

Nomination papers that are filed and certified for municipal elections for the following positions are shown below:


Contact Information

Paul Campbell

15 Davis Court, Bracebridge, ON  P1L 1A1
(705) 645-5552 (w), (705) 645-3131
Website: paulformayor.ca
Email: p.ascampbell31@gmail.com

Rick Maloney

1444 Stoneleigh Road, Bracebridge, ON  P1L 1W9
(705) 645-0874
Email: rfmaloney@gmail.com

Mike Opara

Bracebridge, ON  P1L 1W9
(705) 706-4911
Website: www.protectbracebridge.ca
Instagram: mikeoparabracebridge
Twitter: voteoparamayor
Email: voteoparamayor@icloud.com


Contact Information

Steven Clement

240 Cedar Lane, Bracebridge, ON  P1L 0A1
(705) 645-5325 (h)
(705) 641-9200 (c)
Email: stevclement@gmail.com

Mark Quemby

26 Brofoco Drive, Bracebridge, ON  P1L 1C9
(888) 674-3478
Twitter: @quembyelectric
Email: vote4quemby@gmail.com

Brenda Rhodes

102B-653 Cedar Lane, Bracebridge, ON  P1L 1P2
(705) 644-1292
Website: www.brendarhodes.ca
Facebook: facebook.com/BrendaRhodesBracebridge
Email: voterhodes@gmail.com

Don Smith

94 Glendale Road, Bracebridge, ON  P1L 1A7
(705) 644-3525
Website: www.votedonsmith.com
Facebook: @donsmithmuskoka
Email: donsmithmuskoka@gmail.com

Tatiana Sutherland

30 Fieldstream Chase, Bracebridge, ON  P1L 0B2
(705) 644-1888
Website: www.votesutherland.com
Facebook: /TatiSutherland
Twitter: @tajaunzems
Email: tatijsutherland@gmail.com


Contact Information

Jodi Holder

15 McNabb Street, Bracebridge, ON  P1L 1R4
(705) 646-2790 (h)
(705) 641-1048
Website: www.electholder.ca
Email: electholder@gmail.com

Christian McEachran Morin

Bracebridge, ON  P1L 1C5
(705) 645-0702
Website: https://christianmceachran.wixsite.com/electcmm
Email: christian.mceachran@gmail.com

Dave Stickel

Bracebridge, ON  P1L 1X1
(705) 646-1378
Email: dcstickel@gmail.com

Debbie Vernon

125 Front Street, Bracebridge, ON  P1L 1J7
(705) 645-5257 (w)
(705) 645-0298 (c)
Website: www.electdebbievernon.com 
Facebook: www.facebook.com/DebbieVernon.180
Email: electdebbievernon@gmail.com

Cindy Waters

Bracebridge, ON  P1L 1J9
(705) 205-6678
Website: www.cindywaters.ca
Facebook: cindy.waters.566
Instagram: cindywaters92
Twitter: @WatersCindy
Email: cindywaters92@gmail.com


Contact Information

Steve Binstock

328 Ecclestone Drive, Bracebridge, ON P1L 1V9
(705) 644-9302
Facebook: @SteveBinstock2022
Email: stevebinstock069@gmail.com

Rick Hallam

1067 Partridge Lane, Bracebridge, ON P1L 1W8
(705) 644-0060
Website: www.RickHallam.ca
Facebook: facebook.com/electrickhallam
Email: hallam@muskoka.com

Barry Hammond

99 Meadow Heights Drive, Bracebridge, ON P1L 1A3
(705) 646-8444
Email: hammondmonckmuskokaward@gmail.com


Contact Information

Stuart McKinnon

436 Wilsons Falls Road, Bracebridge, ON  P1L 1L7
(705) 640-1455
Facebook: facebook.com/VoteMcKinnon
Instagram: @votemckinnon
Twitter: @votestu
Email: electmckinnon@gmail.com

Andrew Struthers

22 Windsong Crescent, Bracebridge, ON  P1L 0A3
(705) 205-3739
Website: www.electstruthers.ca
Facebook: www.facebook.com/electstruthers
Instagram: @electstruthers
Twitter: @electstruthers
Email: andrew@electstruthers.ca


Contact Information

Archie Buie

1007 Tretheweys Falls Road, Bracebridge, ON  P1L 0K2
(705) 645-9545
Email: archiebuie@gmail.com



Contact Information

Barb McMurray

1040 Miriam Drive, Bracebridge, ON  P1L 1X1
(705) 645-3706
Email: barbmcmurray10@gmail.com

Serge Valcourt

3135 Highway 118E, Bracebridge, ON  P1L 1X1
(705) 349-1778
Email: sergevalcourt3135@gmail.com


Contact Information

Stephen Abouldahab

Website: https://stephen4tldsb.wixsite.com/trustee 
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/stephenabouldahab/
Twitter: @desk2cloud
Email: stephen4tldsb@gmail.com

Esther Childs

(705) 205-5841
Email: eschilds@hotmail.com

Cara Valiquette

Bracebridge, ON P1L 1H3
(416) 805-0436
Website: www.fallslaw.ca/trustee 
Email: caravaliquette@gmail.com


Contact Information

Joshua Boutotte

195 Covered Bridge Trail, Bracebridge, ON  P1L 1Y3
(705) 706-5596
Email: jboutotte@gmail.com

Aidan Harold

15 Carol Street, Lake of Bays, ON  P0B 1A0
Email: aidan.harold@outlook.com


Contact Information

Bruce Cazabon



Contact Information

Claire Thibideau

Email: claire24@live.ca


Information contained on this form has been consented to by the candidate or third party advertiser in accordance with the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. In the absence of such information (address, telephone number, etc.), the candidate has either not consented to its release or has not yet completed the required Acknowledgement of Release of Personal Information Form.

The use of corporate resources including Town of Bracebridge e-mail and voice mail accounts are to be utilized exclusively for Town of Bracebridge business and may not be used for election purposes. Election campaign related inquires should be directed to the appropriate campaign office.

If you access a website on the listing above, you will be directed to a candidate or third party advertiser's website and will be leaving the Town of Bracebridge's website. The website that you are about to view is in no way affiliated, maintained or monitored by Town of Bracebridge staff. The provided link is meant for convenience only and does not imply endorsement or approval by the Town of Bracebridge.

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